Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dun dun duuuun!!! The Interview.

Whew. Phase 1 is officially over. Thank goodness!

This morning was a little rough, I kept wanting to sleep in, and still don't feel fully awake, but I guess that's life. :) I changed clothes about 10 gajillion times, and nothing looked/felt right, but I guess it's OK because when I got there Janet (who I met for the first time today) said I looked cute, or my outfit was cute, or something. Anyway, I laughed a little because she knows I bought my suit at Walmart. Shhh! It's a secret! LOL Either way, I appreciated her vote of confidence because I feel frumpy.

I interviewed with 3 guys, all of whom are very nice, and I feel like I kinda know all of them just because of Jamie stories.

This is the same position that I interviewed for 2 years ago before Jamie did. I interviewed with the same people, and they knew that, and I knew that. That was one of their first questions: "Why would you want to interview with the three of us again? Glutton for punishment?" I laughed and said I just really wanted the position. Ha ha.

If I didn't think I knew them, that would've been a painful moment. I would've heard, "Why are you back here? we already told you 'no'! get a clue!" But instead I heard "we're dorks, you really think you can work with us?" It's good to have good friends to back you up in stuff like this. I'm glad to have good connections.

An interview is totally different when you know someone on the inside as well I do. I already know what they do, I know what they have their secretaries do. I know one of them is going to South America (and needs a BIG FAT binder with EVERY piece of information possible), I know one of them is going through an Elder Ballard phase and reading every talk he ever gave, I know they were all seminary teachers, I know one them only knows how to use Word Perfect, I know they spot the object lesson when plants die (the lower limbs are supposed to die as it grows, it's the nature of plants), and I know they go out of their way to be nice to people. It's weird to interview like that, but good. I'm glad I went, and glad they were nice to me. :)

I hope I didn't get Jamie and Janet in trouble, because they did ask one thing. Larry Miner said "I hate the question about weaknesses, so I won't put you on the spot and ask you that one, but since you know about the job - what is the thing that you'd be most uncomfortable with, or like the least?" I laughed a little bit because just yesterday Jamie was telling me about how excited Janet was that when they hire "the new girl" they won't have to go to the long boring meeting to take notes anymore because she'll do it. So, I told them that I'd heard rumor of a long boring meeting, and they laughed and knew exactly which one I was referring to. I said I thought it was a good sign, that if one boring meeting once a week was the worst part about a job, you're probably sittin' pretty. Ha ha. Anyway, I hope I didn't get Jamie and/or Janet in trouble. The guys were great.

Here's my downfall, I don't speak Spanish. Rory gets calls in Spanish all the time, and I'm sure he'd like it if someone could speak Spanish back to them, but maybe my other good qualities make up for it. They asked how this position would fit into my long term life/goals. I, like an idiot, told them I didn't feel like I knew what my long term life would be like. I told them that Josh is in school, and that we'd be here doing that for a while, but that for now we're just taking life as it happens because it never seems to be the same from day to day. It was honest, but probably not a great thing to tell an employer. I should've said something that made me sound really stable and reliable, but instead I gave them the perfect reason not to love me. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do? Can't unsay things.

They asked if I had any questions for them, I hate that part in an interview, what are you supposed to ask? "umm...did I get the job?" "what's your favorite color?" "Do you like brick, siding, or stucco for the exterior of a home?" "honey, who does your hair?!?!" Geez, I don't know. So I said I didn't have any questions. Then in the car on my way to work, I thought I should've asked them, what the most important quality/skill they were looking for was. But then that opens a whole new can of worms. I don't know, what was I supposed to say there? *sigh*.

Anyway, I thought I was done and had already breathed my sigh of relief and they called me back. They wanted to have me meet with the big man. He's the scary one. I entered his office (big with a window, that's how you know he's important). He is TOTALLY intimidating and now I understand why Jamie might be scared of him sometimes. He said he'd seen my resume, along with a bunch of others and asked what I'd been doing and for some background. I told him about my job at Apex, and working at LDSBC. He was nice and nodded so I knew he was listening. He asked about the Real Estate game, and what we were doing with it, he told me that this position isn't ALWAYS busy, and there is some down time, so the ability to keep busy is important. I was only with him for a few minutes, and then I went on my merry little way.

Overall, I hope it was a good interview. They liked my resume, liked that all I do all day every day is what they are looking for, I hope they like that Jamie and Janet like me. We'll see what happens I guess. I do have to say that while I was there I really felt like it was going to work out. Not necessarily that I would get the position, but that it would be OK. Like no matter what we'd be OK. It was the same feeling I had when I was first dating Josh. I really wanted it to work out and us to be together, but at the same time there was this peace knowing that if it didn't, I'd be fine with that and move on with my life. Same feeling. I HOPE (desire coupled with full expectation) to get the position, but only the Lord knows what will fit the best and I will be happy with whatever that turns out to be.


  1. I, by-the-way, did not hear that you bought your cute outfit at Wal-Mart. Jamie just barely told me the story. :) I laughed. I think that was perfect what you said about the long boring meeting you'll have to attend. It tells them that you know more about the job then the other candidates and yet you still want the job! Trust me, whatever Jamie has told you about that meeting, it is ten times worse!! Jamie and I are pulling for you, but since we are both leaving, we don't really have much say, but you definetly get my vote!

  2. HAHA
    1) I didn't tell Janet about the Wal-Mart outfit so it MUST be cute :)
    2)I think it's a good sign that you applied again and told them that you just really want (and it wasn't fair last time you applied because HR did the choosing)
    3) No one else spoke Spanish either so you don't have to worry about that. Lol, if you get to meet with them again you can tell them you would be willing to learn, haha, they'd like that, lol
    4)Oh man, the good times we would have if you got this job.

    I'll let you know if I hear anything. They are deciding today who to have take the computer either you'll get a test and know they REALLY liked you, or you'll get a call saying you didn't get it (which I don't think will happen) So either way you should hear soon :)

    Janet and I are pulling for you! :)


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