Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday Nights

So on Friday I made Josh go get pumpkins from my mom's garden. Little did I know he's bring home the biggest pumpkins I have EVER seen in my entire life!!!

After an incredibly stressful work day, I was glad that Jamie and Cameron were coming over for some good old fashioned pumpkin carving excitement. Jamie took one look at the pumpkins and said she would be just as happy watching the rest of us carve instead of carving one herself. We gave her a knife and she did it anyway.

The insides were growing mold - we thought that was extra Halloween-y, but when you take a picture of the inside of a pumpkin that big, it looks like a cave. Cool huh?

Cameron chiseled this thing with such great care, it was amazing. Josh and I were both finished with our whole carvings long before he finished outlining his. :) We think he looks like an artisan. Good times.

Yeah, me? Not so careful with the carving. More like stabbing the thing hoping it looks right in the end.

We're so proud of our hard work.

Then we took a bunch of scary pictures.

For the full album click here.

After we'd had our fill of Halloween joy, we broke out the board games. This week it was Sorry - turns out Cameron had never played Sorry before, which we thought was tragic. Fortunately he caught onto the idea of "sweet revenge" very quickly. We had a great Sorry marathon - we all took turns having really sucky games and had a great time. I love playing childish games with Jamie and Cameron. They're good friends.

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  1. Those are seriously the coolest pumpkins ever! That was so much fun it makes me want to do it again :)


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