Thursday, October 11, 2007

ANOTHER interview!!!

I have NEVER been through such and intense hiring process. Never ever ever. Just to recap, first I found out about the job and fell in love with it, next we had the application, followed by the first interview which I knew about for a good week before it happened, plenty of time for panicking. Then there was the skills test/personality interview, and more time to panic. They just got all of the results back this week from the personality test, and Jamie has kept me posted, that they want to decide on or around Friday. That's why I knew it wasn't a good sign when their phone number showed up on my caller ID.

"This is Amy how may I help you?"
"Amy, this is Arbra with CES Physical Facilities"
"Oh hi!" Trying desperately to sound casual and unafraid. Brace yourself, just because they hired someone else doesn't mean you're not a good person, you can get over this, it's not like you don't have a job, it'll be OK.
"They've decided that they want you to come in for another interview tomorrow afternoon."
I tried to scrape my jaw off the floor without her hearing it through the phone. "How early or late in the afternoon can we go?" I asked. "I'm trying to coordinate it with my current job, so if I could come in and call it lunch, or leave just a little early that would be best for me."
"Oh definitely, how about 1:00 or 1:30 - would that work?"
"Yep. 1:00 sounds perfect."
"OK same place as last time, in fact you'll be meeting with the same people again...." she kindof laughed a little to herself, and I tried not to sound skeptical about having to meet with people who met me just last week.
"Sounds great, thanks for the phone call." I tried to sound polite and upbeat.
"Good luck" She offered.

So, here I am. Back to freaking out AGAIN!!! I've never been through so much for a job, in face I think I'll I've ever done is apply, and then be interviewed. Beyond that I've relied on the people who know me to get me hired. This is terrifying.

After discussing it with Jamie, I'm reasonably confident that it will be OK. I guess the other girl has a lot of experience being a secretary to a lot of people. I feel like I have experience too, so I hope that they will like me better than her, and the fact that Jamie and Janet like me better will push me over the edge. Jamie overheard them saying that it was kindof toss up between me and her. Who knows though, maybe they like her better and the fact that Jamie and Janet like me is what's making me to "toss up" level. I'm making myself crazy. But, here we go. Wish me luck!

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