Friday, January 11, 2013

Birthday for a Month

Josh's birthday has probably never been more neglected than it was this year.

Maybe neglected isn't the right term....strung out perhaps. It isn't like we didn't's just that we did it in 5 minute increments over the course of 14 days (so far).

The morning of Josh's birthday he opened presents.  But his real present from me was in the mail

He opened a couple of other presents. Slippers from the boys (because he's an old man) and kid music from the Washington Fugals (because he's really not THAT old) and some new music from me.

Then we made pancakes and enjoyed breakfast together and took the kids to the Dr.

Then I didn't really have the ingredients (which I ALWAYS have) for Josh's birthday dinner, so we didn't eat anything special.

So, Josh and I played games by the light of the fire while he downed mate (which I have apparently don't like anymore).

The next day I made his precious dinner, only the black beans weren't cooked all the way (even though I SWEAR they were....) and that was pretty much garbage. And he wasn't home to eat it. So....

5 days later we watched The Avengers because it finally got here in the mail. (Dude, what a cool movie.)

And a few days later I made tres leches cake (which he requested long before his birthday) and ate it. Then ate it again the next day, and the next, AND THEN put a candle in (what was left of) it and sang happy birthday to him. Again.

Still on the to-do birthday list is The Birthday Date. Date of The Month is all Josh this month. Rodizio [shudder] and some movie of his choosing.

So...maybe, if we're really good, we'll finish all of his birthday celebrating before mine begin.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Josh! He is SO great that he gets a month to celebrate!


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