Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today I heard an airplane (or helicopter?) fly over our house and I felt my heart break a little bit again. This is the first time I've heard that since moved here. At our old house I heard that sound 3 or 4 times a day and Tommy could identify and find and point out airplanes before he could walk or talk. John has never seen one.

I'll be honest. I want to go home. I want to live in my tiny little townhome in Foxboro again.

Because at our old house:
  • I  know (almost) everybody in my ward
  • We heard airplanes every day
  • I had play dates with our friends 
  • We lived close to downtown - city creek, children's museum, malls
  • Parks. Teeny tiny parks just perfect for my teeny tiny boys just down the street. And another down another street. And the elementary school too.
  • We could go to the zoo any dang time we wanted
  • New stuff. Level floors and ceilings, unchewed door casing, and no disturbing bumps under the carpet
  • Utilities cost next to nothing even though I ran the a/c well into November.
  • Walking to the mailbox - usually I don't miss this...but sometimes a little walk through the common area to the mailbox sounds nice.
I love our new neighbors, I love our new house, I love a lot of aspects of our new life. But Foxboro was our home. It was the first place that we bought together, it was where we had our babies and the first place we were grownups to our neighbors. 

And today, just today, I'm terribly horribly homesick.


  1. Moving on and forward is always exciting, but most definitely daunting and a little heart breaking. I have been through my fair share of those moments in my move to Missouri last year. Hang in there. It gets oh so much easier, and soon enough you will feel right at home where you are and you will wonder when that happened exactly...Hugs

  2. Miss your guts! I am still not fond of the idea of you living so far away. :(


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