Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Interview With Tommy

I interviewed Tommy this morning. Here's what he said.

What is your name? Thomas Adam Egbert but sometimes Mr. Toad
How old are you? 3 [with 3 signing fingers]
Who is your best friend? Jacob How do you know Jacob? I see him at the park. I have no idea who Jacob is....hmmm...a church friend? I see him all the time at sitting on the trees. I'm short and Jacob's short. I tell him to go to the mountains too. We bonk my head. And turn the lights off.
What do you love to do the most? Share toys. With who? My friends. Like who? Stella Bo Bella. obviously
What is your favorite show? Blue's Clues and Dora
What are your favorite clothes? pants and a shirt with a crazy lizard
What do you love to say? [foot clap] "with my toes!" indescribable noises I actually believe that.
What is your favorite book? 2 Elmos. (a book with the sesame street people kid songs)
What is your favorite song? Follow The Prophet
What do you love to do at nursery? Play letters. T is for Tommy and I love Johnny.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Be big and be in a tree.
What makes you happy? [spins around on chair and sniffs] "like this!" drugs perhaps?
What makes you sad? bonk [touches his head] right here
What's your favorite thing about bedtime? snoring and snoozing
Do you want to tell me anything else? Yeah. I don't like coloring true. too too true.

Here's what I learned. 
1. He loved this. I need to talk to him more often because he is happy to answer any question I ask right now. He wanted to do more questions but stopped giving coherent answers.
2. Who the crap is Jacob? Imaginary friend? Ward member? Stalker? How concerned should I be about this? And why have I never heard of him before?
3. He wants to live in a tree. Maybe this summer we'll build something for him to play under the apple tree in the corner of the back yard! Dreams can come true.....


  1. This is a super cute idea. Do you mind if I copy? :)

  2. Cute interview! I remember "living" in our apple trees in the summer when we were growing up. Each of us had a different tree for our "house." One branch was the living room, another branch was the bedroom (not very comfortable beds, but ...), another was the kitchen, etc. The "cupboards" were stocked monotonously, but apples could become many things with a little imagination. Later summer/fall were the best times to live there, however. Early summer and the food was a little tough. I'll give him a couple more years and come teach him the joys of "living" in an apple tree.

    1. Oooh! a seasoned pro! I'm glad to hear survival is possible. :)

  3. He doesn't like coloring???? How sad!!


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