Saturday, January 12, 2013


Last week Tommy went to Primary for the first time. 

To say he doesn't love change might be an understatement. 

To say I was nervous about how the day would go in general would be a bigger understatement. 

I talked to him about it before, we talked about how he'd get to sing songs, and sit in a chair (just his size!) with some of his nursery friends and that he'd get to meet brand new teachers (as of then undetermined). 

So when I dropped him off, we asked his teacher her name. She said "Hi Thomas, I'm sister Karr like this bbbbrrrrrr" (and made a car sound with her lips) and Tommy thought that was pretty cool and I thought it was DANG cool. 

But as I walked out of that GIANT primary room and looked back at my TINY boy kneeling backward on his chair with his eyes poking above the back of the chair staring at me and whimpering "mommy?" I (and he) wondered why I'd ever leave him there. I stood just outside the door rocking my baby (who is hardly still a baby really) praying he'd calm down and feel happy and safe. 

I have no idea what happened during the next two hours, except that when he came home Tommy was thrilled about being a Sunbeam.

And he really loved telling me (and grandma, and me, and daddy, and me, and Little John, and me again just in case I forgot) about his brand new teachers "THE CARS!!! Like Lightening mom!" 

So the Karrs are now on the list of people so saintly Tommy falls in love with them. And on my list of people I will be indebted to forever. 

Here's hoping next week (when he realizes he doesn't ever get to go back to nursery again) goes just as beautifully.

It's nothing short of a miracle that this baby who we (all of us!) prayed for and hoped for and prayed for some more is a handsome little boy wearing a suit to church and going to class on his own. I look at him and just shake my head in wonder at the blessing that is mine.


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