Thursday, July 22, 2010

Down on the farm

Last week Tommy and I went with Josh's Mom & Co. to Wheeler Farm to hang out with some livestock.

Due to my child's ability to turn his regularly scheduled 29 minute nap into a 2 and half hour nap (hey I'm not complaining!) we went at the hottest part of the day. In July. Because we're geniuses.

Millie rocks those shades. Tommy now has competition.

Tommy loves Aunt Cami. And I'm pretty sure she loves him right back. Mellow-est 17 year old ever.

Grandma usually likes to stay on her side of the camera, but for a photo op with this little one....she'll pose. 
L-R: Cami, Millie, (up) Mom Reilley, (stroller) Cayson, Caden.

Braden and Tommy ride fake horses.

Cayden and Tommy also ride fake horses.

Millie likes to have her picture taken. And wanted her brother to be in it too.

"sit by her" he was told. So he did.
This photo session is going downhill fast.

And he's finished with the pictures.
And so is she.

I wanna know who does that ducks's hair.

And a pig. Because I thought it was cute.
It was hot, but mom packed a lovely picnic and we got to look at all the animals (and Farmer Brad) in their natural habitat (Farmer Brad's natural habitat has to do with an iPod and a grouchy face that says "I'm not listening to you".) 

It turned out to be quite a nice outing. I just can't wait until Tommy realizes that it's funny when pigs squeal and geese honk. He didn't laugh this time, but I'm sure he will another time.


  1. I can't believe how huge and darling Tommy is getting! It has to be said, Am, that's one freaking cute kid. How does he not get kidnapped by crazy, baby hungry strangers?

  2. Braden MUST be Josh's brother, because they look JUST. ALIKE.

    And next time you go (ya know, when Tommy's old enough to giggle), take some bread with you to feed those ducks!

    I heart Wheeler Farm. Did you know you can milk the cows there?

  3. Such a fun day at the farm! I think I will have to take Lola for a visit. She loves animals, but barks at all of them. She refuses to acknowledge that there are any other animal noises to be made. And your baby is so freakin' adorable. Just thought you should know.

  4. The pictures of Caden and Millie made me laugh. That is so my life. Pretty much 24/7. Oh, gotta run their fighting again! Lori is so good to my kids. They are going to want me to work more so Lori can entertain them


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