Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear Aunt Lisa,

We only see the dentist because of you.


You can proudly take full credit for our toothily cleanliness.

But when I tried to change my appointment from this morning to a day you'd be in, the mean secretary yelled at me.

And she told lies.

She called me honey (in a "you pathetic creature" kind of way, not in a "what a sweet human" kind of way.) and told me that I knew I wouldn't see you when I made an appointment on Friday. I did not know.

Then she said you're booked until October - which is when I would be going back in again if I'd just keep my appointments.

So I said "fine. I'll see the scary new different hygienist" (is that what you are? a hygienist?) who, she assured me, I'd love.

Then I hung up and cried and told Josh I don't wanna go. He said I have to or my teeth will fall out of my head and these are my last set.

Scary new different hygienist was nice.

But you're nicer.

My next appointment is on a Tuesday. Because I love you more than the new girl.

I'll try not to cheat on you again.


PS You gave us a toothbrush for our know....cuz you assumed he'd probably have teeth at some point in his life, but there are no tooth sightings yet. Not even a little. Can I brush his gums? That toothbrush is so's a shame to let it sit unused.

PPS No cavities OR popcorn kernels! Are you proud?

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  1. I am so disappointed in myself! I let my blog stalking/reading get really behind! It is 1:50 in the morning and I am catching up on your blog. I missed a post to ME!!! I am on your blog! You are too cute. I am also still upset with the "aweful" secretary! That will never happen AGAIN! I am glad you saw Alli...but we chatted all about that at the canyon. I think by now you mentioned Tommy is getting teeth. So exciting. I bet he will love chewing on his "cute" toothbrush that has been patiently waiting for the pleasure of brushing such cute new little teeth. You make me smile with the things you write about. You are a wonderful mom...can't wait to watch Tommy grow up. Can he get any cuter?????? Love you guys!


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