Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I weep

I do not cry gracefully. And this morning has been one full of tears. The reasons are unimportant. Well. Unimportant to you. Very important to me. Which is why I cried.

My face is red and splotchy.
My nose will probably never stop running.
My eyes make the drunk on the side of the road look like a fresh new missionary.
My hair...well that's always a mess.
I think there is a permanent mascara streak down my left cheek.

I know women who cry beautiful, a single tear glistening down their cheek. I'm just not a single tear kind of girl I guess. I'm an open sobber. I weep.


  1. Meet a mutual open sobber. It's not pretty. And you're not alone. ;)

  2. My heart hurts. Because no one--especially dear friends--ever cries alone!

    P.S. There is no such thing as beautiful criers, except in the movies. AND THAT'S NOT REAL!

  3. :(
    anything other open sobber down the street (me) can do for you?? don't hesitate to ask. seriously.

  4. What? Why weren't we on the phone? I'd have cried with you. Next time don't forget me.


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