Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I can't cook

I never really thought that people who can cook had a real talent. I just sortof figured it was one of those things where you do what the recipe says and then the food turns out how it was supposed to.

I have always had a huge amount of respect for people who can invent things (a la Ratatouille). That has always clearly been a talent in my mind. But following a recipe and having it turn out? Not so much.

Until now.

I'm 25 years old and just now realizing that I can't cook.

You would think I would've noticed when Josh taught me how to make pancakes. From a mix. Because I couldn't get them right.

Or perhaps the time I boiled 3 empty pans on the stove within 2 weeks should have tipped me off.

Maybe I could have figured it out when I started making my guests check to see if the brownies (from a box) were done.

But it took one horrible week in which I overcooked the buttermilk syrup (creating buttermilk paste....), undercooked the chocolate frosting (creating chocolate pudding drizzle) and ruined the fruit dip beyond repair to make me realize that I cannot cook.

I told Josh about my revelation and he tried desperately to convince me that I do cook (because he's afraid he'll starve if I cook any less than I do now...), but instead convinced himself that I make a mess of a meal and he fixes it so it's edible. Unless of course it's one of the 10 meals I actually know how to make. So, in the end he agrees with me.

Turns out following a recipe is harder than I thought.

And it only took me 25 years to figure that out.

Kinda makes me wonder what else I'm bad at.....


  1. I'm always jealous of people that can cook a la ratatouille as well...not fair...

  2. You can do bread! And bread and fruit is one of the best summer meals!

  3. Meh, I can't cook either. When we grow up (which is in, like, two months), Spencer is going to be the cook. Every. Day.

    P.S. There's nothing else you can't do!

  4. I'm a horrible cook too. I once ruined chocolate chip cookies, which is hard to do!

    Good luck, I'm sure that at least you can't get worse, right? :)

  5. I actually had this same conversation with my dad AND with Tyson yesterday. Depressing. The worst part is that I have a wonderful sister-in-law who honestly could have a cooking show she's that good. Tyson's the youngest so he's experienced her cooking MANY times over the 10+ years she's been in the family. Then he marries me....poor boy. I'm in the process of trying to make a menu book like you put on your blog a while ago and the first step (thinking of enough meals to fill up one month) is way harder than it should be. Depressing again. Oh well, part of being a young mom and wife??? Wow that was long. Sorry.

  6. I always thought I was a pretty good cook, but it turns out it doesn't matter since we always eat the same 10 meals anyway. Go figure.

  7. I know the feeling! I'm the worst cook ever. If a recipe looks too complicated I'll refuse to cook it...LOL!


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