Friday, July 23, 2010

Growing into my purple hat

You know that story (or is a book? a talk? a parable perhaps?) about the old lady and her purple hat?

You know, she grows up and realizes that nobody cares if she matches anymore. And there's some really great life lesson about learning to be whoever you are even if you look like an old lady in a purple hat?

Tonight at Zumba I decided that I may as well be 89 years old and wearing a purple hat.

There I am shaking it for all I'm worth. Laughing hysterically at the way my hips don't lie.

Then I suddenly stop and  realize that I'm. shaking. it. for. all. I'm. worth. In front of the members of my ward. And I'm sure they didn't want the show they got, but hey, it's a free class right?

When did I stop being so aware of how stupid I looked and totally lose my mind?

I'm not sure, but I sortof think I like it.

Watch out belly dancing. Here I come. (Joking of course. Even I don't wanna see that.)

I looked it up, and here is that book. I think.


  1. One time my mom took a belly-dancing class . . . You should too, just so you can tell Tommy about it later. Then he will use it for all his get to know you games on the first day of school in Junior High. Keep shakin' it!

  2. It was originally a poem. I love that they made it into a book!

    And way to go you for being a purple hat lady. :)

  3. :D he he he he

    I realized this summer that I don't look different when I'm at girls camp than when I'm at home. (And I don't mean I was pretty at camp.)


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