Sunday, July 11, 2010

friends with nothing in common

I used to think that you could only be friends with people that you had everything in common with.

I'm slowly learning that the number of common interests/desires is not in any way related to the strength of the friendship.

Some of my dearest friends have some seriously flawed judgement:

Aundrea hates winter and loves summer seriously. Also she hates parenthetical remarks (wha----?) and thinks that husbands and wives should not shove food in each other's faces because it's rude. Remarkably she still lives in Utah, reads my blog and is not entirely convinced that Josh and I are doomed.
Sarah likes to do yoga in the mountains with groups of strangers. Also she thinks it's fun to redecorate her house and regularly has feta cheese "on hand".
Ashley & Junior would rather go on a cruise to the Bahamas than Alaska. They sleep in and stay up past 10 every night. And they kiss their child on the lips. (Sick!)
Katy runs marathons.....because she wants to. She organizes playgroups and thinks that teaching elementary school PE is a great job. (Someday I like to think I'll have that kind of patience.)
Josh wants to go skydiving. And he recently found out that "Cool Aunt Nancy" did it one time. And "it's actually pretty cheap." Somebody please explain to me how jumping out of an airplane for $75 is cheap, but the books in my cart on Amazon are way too expensive.

So I'm slowly learning that some of my very best friends are entirely different from me. I suppose we still have plenty in common, but it's nice to know that even though we don't agree on everything we can still be friends.

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