Sunday, July 11, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that EVERYBODY goes out of town in July? Everybody.

Did you know that I had to get out Tommy's 12 month clothes so he stops going naked? I'm afraid he'll overheat now.

Did you know Back to School sales is sortof my favorite part of the year? I just want to buy 10 million fresh pencils, pads of paper, pens, binders, and general office supplies that are not dusty and are not slobbered on.

Did you know that there are 2,000 living species of starfish? The prettiest ones I've ever seen were in Sitka, Alaska. Look a sortof ugly picture of a beautiful creature!

Did you know that Aundrea and (hopefully) her two daughters are going to do a triathalon next summer? Not a full length one, just a baby sprint one. I already can't wait. And am nervous. Advice? I'm open.

Did you know that Target had corn on the cob on sale at $.05/cob? Pretty dang good if you ask me. Now if only I can get Josh to grill it I'll be in heaven.

Did you know that Tommy wore shoes to church today? Real live ones. With laces and everything. If that ain't fancy, I don't know what is.

Did you know that I periodically wipe down the Relief Socity binders with wet wipes? Because I'm fairly certain they get slobbered on. Not by grown women of course. (Although the dutch oven recipes that were in them last week might have caused excessive salivation.) But by grown women's babies? Probably.


  1. i DID know that everyone goes out of town in july. that's why i cancelled choir practice for this month!

    real shoes mean he must be growing up! sad.

  2. Spencer found a sprint-tri in August in Richfield. It was the latest he could find for this year, but it looked like a decent tri. Wanna go to Richfield?

  3. If Thomas's 12 month clothes are too warm, maybe we should swap. All of Taege's summer clothes are too big.


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