Thursday, July 1, 2010

It isn't nice.....

It isn't nice to trick your wife into committing to "go out" by bribing her with a bike trailer/jogging stroller, then once she has committed to it, ask her to do "just stop by and pick up ______ while you're out". One more stop is a big deal.

Also, it isn't nice to call your husband a terd when you realize he tricked you. (According to Josh who was trying to swallow a lauugh.)

*Terd might be the ugliest word I know. It's not a word I use regularly, but for some reason that's what I called him today..... I repented. He laughed.


  1. Ha! It may not be nice . . . but it does make for a good blog post.

    I appreciate any and all advice about marathon training from you, Missy.

  2. Lol. There are worse things you could have called him! Just keep that in mind. ;)


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