Wednesday, July 21, 2010

special privileges

Sometimes when you're the mom you get special privileges*.

Like if you're really good and do ALL the dishes and ALL the cleaning, then sometimes you're allowed to go running at o' dark 30.

And if you do ALL your homework and feed ALL the family members, then sometimes you're allowed to shower for 6 minutes instead of 5.

If you water ALL the plants and dust ALL of the furniture, then sometimes you're allowed to make a phone call (for work) all by yourself.

If you've prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks for baby, and cleaned up after him when he spits it out AND pukes it up, then sometimes you're allowed to do the dishes while plugged into your iPod.

If you've read your scriptures AND prayed AND studied, then sometimes you're allowed to go to more meetings for church.

But once in a while, if you're willing to take the baby with you, you're allowed to leave the house and go to a Relief Society activity about learning to crochet. So although it's still just one more thing on your to-do list, you go. And you enjoy every second of it.

Because technically all of these things are earned privileges*. And if you can't even enjoy your privileges*....then what?

*And by "privilege" I mean "something you have to do and probably don't even want to do, but you call it a reward because if you didn't you'd never get one (reward I mean) and if you never get a reward you'll probably go crazy so you'll take what you can get.".


  1. You're cute. Sound like awesome privileges!! ;) You're an amazing mother!

  2. So now you're ready to go off and make some kind of beautiful tablecloth or something, right? THAT would be a privilege!

  3. Just the other night I said to Jason...'have you ever noticed that when you're living your life right there is no time for anything???'

    I'm going to start listing my priviledges...

  4. And this is why I eat so much chocolate. :D

    And why the house stays trashed sometimes because I wanted to watch a show instead.

    I guess I'm just sayin' I don't believe in your privileges. You should come play with me soon. Now THAT would be a real privilege.


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