Tuesday, July 6, 2010

38 and a half weeks

It's been 38 and a half weeks since my baby came out.

And he was only in for 38 and a half weeks.

Remember how long 38 and a half weeks can be? Long.

Life after pregnancy is a lovely thing.

I find myself thankful for the ability to shuffle down the aisle at church without banging someone in the head with my giant belly.

I also wake up after sleeping though the entire night and praise my bladder's ability to hold it all night.

And then I curse because really my bladder will never be the same.

Every now and again I realize that it's been 38 and a half weeks since I puked. And 38 and a half weeks since I was home alone. And 38 and a half weeks since I wore those clothes. And 38 and a half weeks since I waddled. (Excluding last week's "too much dinner" waddle.....)

But then the missing it begins. I miss being pregnant. I want to carry my belly around because I know something precious is in there. I want people to look at me and get excited. I want to memorize a date in the future because it's the first thing I have to tell everyone I know. "We're due October 20th." I'm relatively certain I said it 10,000 times in 9 months. I even miss Dr. Man and his lovely nurses. I miss laying on the bed watching my belly hoping it would move. I miss everybody understanding why I wore flip flops. I miss buying new things because we needed them. I miss following his growth and hearing his heartbeat. I miss staring at blurry pictures of an ultrasound-alien-baby. I miss knowing that my body was doing something amazing every second of every day. There are plenty of things I don't miss, but I do miss the excitement and the miracle that pregnancy is.

But oh how I love my 38 and a half week old baby.

He's an angel.

And I don't have to miss him, because I'm lucky enough to be with him all day every day.

What a great 38 and a half weeks it has been.


  1. I know what you mean. I guess being pregnant did have it's up sides, huh? But that baby of yours sure is cute. And you look so happy to have him.

  2. That's such an adorable picture!! Well, both of them really. :)

  3. I love that face! (Tommy's is cute, too.)

    Shall we add "hungry" to our MW list? Just wondering.

  4. Cute! Love the last pic of the two of you:)

  5. That was sweet :) And it almost made me miss being pregnant.

    Also- in that last picture, he looks SO old. Like a toddler. Wow.


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