Saturday, July 10, 2010


To celebrate Tommy's birthday yesterday we went for a bike ride.

Technically he should be a year old before putting him in this thing....but he's really really close.....and....well.....we're rebels. (Remember the bowl?)

Josh went for a test ride first to make sure he could drive with that thing behind him. And he can.

So we strapped him in. A process he surprisingly doesn't mind.

And off we went.

Now we're thankful for Legacy. (The "parkway" in our backyard.)

Also we ate cupcakes.


  1. Sounds great! Happy Birthday Tommy!!

  2. Tommy looks so happy to be in there, it's adorable. Sounds like you had fun! I'm also secretly jealous of babies because they get so many birthdays...don't you wish we could celebrate our birthdays every month?

  3. You are a better Mommy than I... I had Ollie riding when he was 6 months :) I strapped him in real tight though I swear!!

    PS You should come ride with us sometime eh??

  4. PS. This is Tracy Layne, and not some random person named Barb Johnson (aka my mom)

  5. Hey! I haven't been reading lately. WHen did you get the bike trailer? Do you love it? Awesome!

  6. bike buddy?????? i think so! you have just been enlisted...


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