Monday, July 12, 2010


Josh is snoring on the couch. Because if he keeps his eyes open for one more second he WILL die. Believe me. I asked if it would kill him to stay awake. It will.

Thomas is squealing and banging on the only solid side of his crib. And fake coughing every now and again just to make sure I know he's in there. I know.

The incredibly noisy truck belong to the neighbors just rumbled down the street.

The computer fan comes on and off as it attempts not to overheat with it's excessive use.

The air conditioner is running. Not on and off. Just running. Because I kid you not, it's 9 hundred thousand degrees out there and I refuse to let it be 9 hundred thousand degrees in here. Our house is like 1200 square feet. The whole thing. And the monthly power bill is almost that many dollars. That's how desperate I am for the cool air.

A year ago I was hearing copy machines, whistlers, tools and adult laughter. What a difference 9 months makes.


  1. I miss you here in the land of copy machines, whistlers, tools, and adult laughter. I hope there's still lots of laughter, though.

  2. if luke read this, he would tell josh that he is lucky that you let him go to bed when he is tired-- i make luke stay up however late i have to stay up. i am mean.


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