Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that shampoo gets oil stains out of cotton? You know when you accidentally get oil on your shirt because the thing of salad dressing jumped off the counter and onto your self? That's how I know about the shampoo trick.

Did you know that the longest game of monopoly ever lasted 70 days? (According to this anyway.) But nobody can figure out how it lasted that long since it's physically impossible to stay awake for 70 straight days.

Did you know that so far they think it's impossible to stay awake for more than 11 days? If you had asked me 9.5 months ago (when Tommy was still brand new) I would've told you I'd been awake at least that long and that I'd probably be awake for the rest of my life. Which would hopefully last at least 14 days since that's when the next Dr. visit was. Nothing in the whole world was better than a Dr. visit back then. Well...not nothing, but close.

Did you know that Josh and I now have the first sunburns of summer? Nice that we held off this long huh? Not nice that we haven't left our house in nearly 36 hours because "that sun is TOO hot!"

Did you know that Tommy still refuses to sleep past 6:28? Not because he doesn't love me. Just because he has his father's blood. Because it's "his faulty genetics" that have Tommy up so early, Josh always gets to do breakfast. Which I think is fair since I do the other 3 meals every day.

Did you know that I sprained my ankle at the end of my first grade year? I had to have someone carry my chair to the end of year assembly in the lunchroom and hobble to the stage to get my award. I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was "a very special award for being the only brown hair, brown eyed, 3'10" girl who has a knack for staying out of trouble and hiding under the jungle gym at recess" or something equally unique and special.

Did you know that Tommy hates the worm-crawl? It's really the only way he can move around on his own, but it's incredibly slow and hard and he sobs the entire time he does it. Yesterday I walked into his room to find his face buried in his hands while he tried to worm-crawl out of his crib; but, (frustratingly) couldn't move past the wall over and over again. Poor boy. When I picked him up he reached for me, and wrapped his arms around my neck and cried on my shoulder instead. He was very excited to hear about the very hungry caterpillar and even put his fingers in the holes while he sniffled and bit his binkie.


  1. So shampoo is how I get the salad dressing stain out of Noelle's carpet at work? Interesting...
    I don't blame your baby. I would hate having to get around that way as well!

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