Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A new routine

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Apparently we have a new naptime routine.

But I can't quite seem to figure out what it is. 

Back in the old days it goes like this: I love on Tommy and set him down in his crib. Then I give him a binkie, his lovey bear and a lovey blanket (because there's really no use for a regular blanket when it's so insanely hot outside). Then I kiss his nose 3 times and tell him to "sleep tight my love" and leave the room. 

That's the normal routine. 

Only now we've added on a delightful addition where he screams for 10-15 minutes while I pretend I'm working. 

Then he screams REALLY loud because he's worked himself over to the end of the crib and is banging his head against the wall of it over and over trying to crawl. THROUGH the edge of the crib.

Then I jump up out of my chair panicked because he sounds injured.

So I rush into the room, gather his weeping little body in my arms and he lays on my shoulder and screams some more. 

I grab a wet wipe and we go the bathroom to check out "that handsome guy over there" (in the mirror) while I slowly and gently wipe the tears, boogers and slobber off his face, then off my shoulder. He giggles at his biggest fan who always thinks he's hot stuff and we rock back and forth on our way back to his room. 

As soon as we're by his crib the screaming begins again, and we choose a book from the shelf.

He sniffles.

I read.

He calms down.

I put Orajel on his apparently swollen gums.

He sucks on my finger. 

And we start again at step 1. Binkie. Lovey Bear. Lovey Blanket. 

I leave the room and screams some more. 

Eventually he falls asleep.

Wouldn't you think I'd just learn to do the Orajel first and skip all that screaming in between?

You'd think.

But adapting to new routines is just not my forte. 

What is my forte? 

The kissing. 
Definitely the kissing.


  1. I hate when routines get messed up...I'm going to have a big wake up call when I'm a mom!

  2. So Sweet! You're one lucky girl and he's one lucky boy to have such a great mom!!!


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