Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh Little John

Little John has recently hit that age.

The one where he knows how to ask for something and expects to get it.
The one where if he doesn't get it he goes for it himself.
The one where he spends half his life on his knees burying his nose in the floor weeping because his mean-old-mom said no about the 50,000th glass of strawberry milk.

He's interested in things. And he experiments. And he does things.

Like today when he must have wondered what 2 boxes of bandaids & luke-warm water make.

Answer: soggy useless bandaids.

In other news he can open the fridge and the freezer by himself. Also he has mastered the art emptying pretty much every drawer/shelf/bin in the house.

Go Little John!


  1. Love that boy! He is so dang cute! xoxo

  2. Oh boy! Way to go John. I never even thought to wonder about bandaids and water.


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