Friday, August 16, 2013


Remember how funny it was when I was worried that Tommy would be born on Halloween?

Then remember how I sortof didn't notice that John was born on Halloween because I was all excited that it was on Monday instead of Thursday?

Perhaps it's because really they're both Halloween babies on the inside, or maybe because I neglect Halloween in favor of Little John's birthday. Either way we celebrate Halloween year round around here.

Come to think of it we also celebrate Christmas year round.

I suppose we're just not so great with calendars. What with turning the pages once a month and's a lot of work.

We are frequent library patrons and my boys just happen to gravitate toward Halloween books. The love the "kitty" on the spine (which is really an ugly black Halloween cat) and they love to say "boo!" and they love to walk around with blankets draped over their heads pretending to be ghosts. They love to sing about the "mean old witch mama with a HAT!" They love to look at pumpkins and to sing about spiders. They are lovely little Halloween monsters children.

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  1. bwah ha ha ha ha

    And dress up! Because that's really the best part of Halloween.

    I'm still laughing that John was born on Halloween. So funny.


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