Wednesday, August 7, 2013

That Lady

I've become that lady.

The one with all the oversized zucchini I can't get rid of. 

Plus I have 2 kids and walk out of sacrament meeting sweating like ''ve been wrestling alligators for 75 minutes. 

And I know how long sacrament meeting is because I count down the minutes until Primary.

Then I sneak into primary and cry happy tears over my adorable child laying on the floor pretending to be a "little seed lying fast asleep" before he bravely marches to the front of the room to repeat the words of his simple prayer straight into the microphone. 

Tommy & his cousin Daniel who bonded during church on Sunday
Weird how fast that happened huh?


  1. It's hard to beleive! We love your CUTE kids and sharing church with you, and we LOVE your amazing producing garden too!

  2. Ryann's class took a break outside for a bit to get some wiggles out. One of her classmates found a zucchini. They thought that was hilarious. I'm amazed at Tommy speaking in the microphone, what a grown up little guy! Sometimes it's good to be that lady.


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