Friday, August 16, 2013

Pen Pals

Stella has cool parents who helped her mail Tommy a letter.

He couldn't believe that it "magicked right into our mailbox" and he simply refused to believe that the mailman (who we've never seen here) knows Stella.

He carried this picture around for a good hour, then decided to put it on his wall.

Tommy has become very aware of the camera.

He had a tiny panic attack when I suggested we color a picture to send back to her.

The boy hates to color. I mean he really really hates it. He is convinced he can't do it and he is the reason I know all the inspiration speakers who swear that "in kindergarten everybody is an artist!" are lying. Anyhow, his lack of coloring confidence breaks my heart because my own lack of confidence has seriously hindered some fun in my life. But I figure pushing him to do something he hates won't help, so we mostly just do other things.

But when a girl sends a gotta return. So I asked him what he wanted to color.
Iron Man. (duh)
and ALLLLLL the Squadies (duh)
So we printed a picture of Iron Man and decided to start there.

I got out the crayons and started to fix dinner hoping he'd just take it upon himself.

One straight line through the middle of the page and he started to weep.

I sat with him and we (I) colored and talked and finally it got to the part where he'd write his name. He wrote a T then turned the page over and dictated a story he wanted me to draw AAAAAND write.

I should have taken a picture. That was quite the story. I'm not sure he even knew what was going on - but it is clear to me that this boy is a story teller and not an artist and I love that about him. He's a happy-little-stress-case-talker-not-drawer like me.

Though he lacked confidence that the mailman would bring a letter FROM Stella, he was well aware of the mailman's ability to take a letter TO Stella, so back in the box it went.

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