Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm a rebel

I just put a bowl on the bottom rack of the dishwasher when it clearly states "dishwasher top rack only" right on the bottom of it.

I assume that "top rack only" thing is because of the excessive heat on the bottom rack. Which concerns me because I put things on the top rack that I'd really like to come out just as clean and sanitized on the bottom rack.

Is there really that big of a temperature difference in those 18 inches?

Should my head constantly be colder than my feet....after all, the altitude is significantly different way up here.

Either way, I just have to wonder who is going to enforce the "top rack only" rule. Probably the same people who will find me if I don't MAIL BACK THIS CENSUS THING TODAY.

I also watched Full House today. Sorry to disappoint you mom. On the plus side I reused a Ziploc bag - there, I'm redeemed. Right?

**Update: The suspense was killing me. The first thing I did this morning was unload the dishwasher and guess what? My bowl is fine. [eyes rolling].**


  1. Did it melt all over your dishwasher? I gotta know what happened!

  2. :) Just updated. Thanks for wanting to know.


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