Sunday, May 9, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that the blinds have been open in both of bathrooms since the week we moved in? 3 years ago. Much to Junior's dismay....apparently it freaks men out when they're staring out the window which is right above the toilet while doing their buisness and realize they're staring directly into the neighbor's bathroom window. I don't have this problem.

Did you know that Junior taught my baby how to spit? So I'm leaving the bathroom blinds UP. That'll teach him.

Did you know that I'm not part of Generation X? I totally thought I was....but apparently I'm not. Technically speaking I'm Generation Y - which isn't really even a real thing as far as I can tell. Doesn't even have it's own radio station.

Did you know that teeth float? A lady in my ward told me that when babies are getting their teeth they come right up to the surface, then sink back down and float up again for months. MONTHS. I've been telling Josh that I swear I see white right under Tommy's gums then we look and his gums are just plain old boring red. Now I win. I probably did see the floating teeth and then they sunk again. Ha!

Did you know that today Thomas is 7 months old? Wow.

Did you know that we spent the weekend in Lindon? The whole weekend. It was lovely. Hotel Fugal is a beautiful place to be.

Did you know that if the Library didn't e-mail me to tell me my books were due, we'd probably owe them more than we owe on our house?

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