Sunday, May 2, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that yesterday Josh and I both went to get a massage yesterday (for free)? That's because Grandma Egbert was kind enough to take Thomas for the day since we had a very important temple date in Logan.

Did you know that when just 2 adults are getting ready, they can wake up at the same time they always wake up but add in a trip downtown and massages and still be ready earlier than they normally are? Turns out that the getting ready of the babe really does take that long.

Did you know that when they say "adult session" of Stake Conference they mean "leave your rotten kids at home because you'll feel like and idiot coming in and out of this meeting 5 times during the first two speakers"? Lesson learned. No more babies at the adult session.

Did you know that yesterday I got my wedding ring back? I needed to size it down and we guessed it was about 1/2 size too big. They shrunk it, but it's still too big - we should've dropped it a full size - but since I hadn't had it for a week, I didn't want them to keep it longer. I missed it.

Did you know that it's possible for a person to sneeze with their eyes open? It doesn't usually happen because your nose and eyes are linked by a cranial nerve. The sneeze goes up to the brain and then back down the "blink" nerve which usually makes you blink. But technically it is possible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Did you know that rearranging the furniture in my living room has me on a "get rid of all the crap we never use" spree? Anybody want a Nintendo 64? (By "crap we never use" I clearly means "Josh's stuff that's buggin' me.")

Did you know that I watched Avatar this weekend? It was sortof against my will....I was given the choice of Avatar with popcorn and other delicious treats or a 2 hour Celine Dion concert with no treats...... Even I will choose blue aliens if it means I don't have to watch her.  I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. At least for the first half. The 2nd half was just like every other sci-fi/superhero war scene I've ever watched. For an hour and a half. So it was fine. I just wouldn't say "pleasantly surprising". Also it's a LOOOONG flick. But totally cool.


  1. I love when I get the itch to move the couches around and then want to get into the whole spring cleaning thing. It's the BEST! :) I think Avatar could have been 2 hours shorter, it was was NOT the best movie ever and worth the title of the highest grossing movie ever.

  2. My uncle sneezes with one eye closed when he's driving because he doesn't like to close his eyes while driving. Apparently if you sneeze with one eye already closed your brain doesn't get the signal to blink the other eye.

    I'm glad you got a massage--how'd you swing that?

  3. :D

    Josh earned a whole bunch of free massage from his school and they're about to expire. So, using 2 at a time worked out in our favor this week!

    I can't tell you how bad I wanna try the one eyed sneeze. Because: That. Is. Cool.


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