Friday, May 7, 2010

Some photos

Gina pointed out that I went EIGHT whole posts with no pictures of that kid who lives here. Granted on MY blog that's only like 24 hours.....but still....

How is that possible?

I'll tell you how. I stare at him all day every day. And sometimes I forget that most of you do not have that distinct pleasure.

So, with no real rhyme or reason....I give you.....That Kid Who Lives Here:

I took this photo as evidence. He has the rubber-band wrist, so the next time Dr. Lady (or anyone else) calls my kid a lightweight, you can bet I'm whipping this sucker out. I'll hear no comments about how MY wrists look identical to those in this photo...

Grandma Egbert went flitting off to Hawaii and brought back this shirt. 

This is his "I'm dancing the dance like the guy on the shirt" pose. Nice eh?

Every day we have laugh-fest. You know how some people's spouses promise they'll make them laugh every day? Well, Thomas and I have about 5 minutes of every day where he busts a gut and I giggle like a school-girl. I think I never knew how to laugh until he came along and taught me. I was an awkward silent-shaker before him.

Then he makes faces at me while he tries to contain his drool (which is clearly impossible) by closing his lips tight enough to bite through them. If he had teeth - which he doesn't.

I call this "good morning baby".

He needs a haircut right? Josh thinks it's stupid that I want to cut his hair,
but lookit the nastiness over his ears. Back me up here?
Also, this is standard camera-face......wait for it, wait for it......

......And he busts into smiles! He never smiles AT the camera.....he's shy. And I think it's adorable.

This is one of my new favorite pictures.

Except for this one. Because how much more chill can you get? 


  1. Yay I love this post! I can't even decide which one is the cutest to comment on. I think that you guys really should come to Thanksgiving Point sometime so I can actually see him in person.

  2. How could that kid possibly get cuter!! I'm sure he is real life, hopefully I will get to see for myself sometime this summer!

  3. how can anyone with those cheeks be a lightweight??? so dang cute!

  4. Yay for pictures!!! Love it. Love them all!


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