Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beautiful when wet

Yesterday Ashley and I got rained on while walking.

As we parted ways Ashley braved the raindrops and turned her face up to look at me. As soon as her eyes met mine she started laughing.

I'm just not one of those people who gets wet gracefully.

While her makeup was flawless, my mascara was running down my face.

While her hair was still in place, mine resembled that mangy cat on the side of the road that just got rained on. All matted and soggy.

I like to tell myself that when it starts to rain in movies and the lead actress still looks good, it's because they touch up her makeup every 2 seconds and she isn't actually getting wet. Apparently it's totally possible to look good in the rain, it's just not a gift I have.

I bet she doesn't get attacked by her hair when driving with the top down either.

So here's what I need to know, is it because she knows a secret? Is there some way you hold your head? Is there a magical body position or hair product that makes you beautiful when wet? Are these things they should start teaching in the maturation program in Elementary School? (Because they certainly aren't teaching anything of value now....) Is it possible that I could be one of those people and I just haven't learned it yet?  Or is it all natural? And some people are just pretty in the rain, and some are drowned rats?

If it's a skill, I'd take that class, because long walks in the rain are one of my favorite things, but I'm afraid nobody want to join the dripping psycho for a long walk in the rain.


  1. here's what i want to know:

    a. is there a secret to looking good right when you wake up?? i bet ashley has that one down too.
    (or even a secret to looking good when you clean your house...same category right? i just look like a homeless person.)

    b. is there a secret to not having your mascara smeared under your eyes even when it's not raining? i hate waterproof mascara though... so if that is the secret i'm afraid i'm going to pass.

    i wouldn't mind walking in the rain with a dripping psycho. i do not drip gracefully.

  2. Unless all the makeup on our faces is waterproof........
    There is no trick or magic about it.
    It is just touch up, or photoshop, or whatever....
    I'll bet you don't look like a drowned rat:)
    We all perceive ourselves differently than others.
    It seems that I get the most compliments when I think I look my worst.

  3. Ashlie- tattooed make-up? I thought about it once........

  4. What ever the secret is I want to hear it!

  5. I'm sure you were just beautiful! You could always take an umbrella or one of those granny cap things...

  6. Here's the thing. I wanna go play in the rain too! Maybe we could just wear hats or no makeup or just keep our eyes closed the whole time so no one could see us.

    And also, who said granny cap because that's a great idea since those are so very attractive.

  7. Ashlie, I know of no such secrets - if there are and you find them first, please share.

    Dana, tatooed makeup..not a bad idea! It wouldn't run in the rain're brilliant. Now if I only i can find a million dollars (or however much that costs...)

    Emily, granny cap = brilliant.

    Katy, Emily is a friend from the ward, and she'd probably look good in the granny cap, in the rain, with the top down. *sigh*.

  8. I love you Amy. You make me laugh. And I'm with you on the whole teaching how to look beautiful when wet during the maturation class. Of course, that means I wouldn't learn about it for another 11 or so years when Lilia is old enough for that...

  9. I think that you not only had mascara on your face but in your eye too...It was obviously obstructing your vision of my hair... I was a little mortified when I walked home and looked in the mirror. Oh well! I would definitely do it all over again.


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