Wednesday, May 5, 2010

not that hard

Sometimes my life just is not that hard.

Sure I've had times in my life that I think I just cannot do it one more day. I've had days when I just think that I cannot do it one more hour.

But today, my life just isn't that hard.

The alarm went off at 5 and rolled over and turned it off. It wasn't that hard.

Josh lifted his arm so I could snuggle into his chest and I burrowed in the warm of the blankets and the husband. It took about 2 seconds to get warm again. It wan't that hard.

Thomas woke up at 7 and smiled at me when I went to get him out of bed. His diaper wasn't even poopy and changing a wet diaper just wasn't that hard.

Thomas has been asleep since about 9:30 and I've caught up on watching The Biggest Loser and work. It's not that hard.

There are days that motherhood is overwhelming. Days that I know if Josh doesn't come home before bedtime I will lose it. Days that the work is piled up higher than I can see and all of it requires real work instead of mindless keystrokes.

This is not one of those days. This is one of those days that is not necessarily blissfully happy, not full of the knowledge that my life is the best it can possibly be, just a day that is not that hard.


  1. "Not That Hard" days are glorious! They ARE the reason for blissful happiness. "The trick is to enjoy the journey."

  2. Don't you ever learn? Watch out for what tomorrow brings that's all I can say.

  3. That needed a ;)
    and a p.s. i'm glad today's not that hard.

  4. So true! Sometimes I think it's so hard... sometimes, it's so so easy :)


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