Tuesday, May 11, 2010

worm guts

That's what it smells like outside.

And that's why I'm not closing my windows. I know it sounds gross but it smells OH SO GOOD. 

The bad news is that flip flops + rain = Amy's inability to walk. Slipping and sliding across the Walmart, Target AND Smith's parking lots.

I'm the only one I EVER see slipping in the rain, is it just me or does everybody else just recover more gracefully than I do?


  1. I wore flip flops to work yesterday and was sliding the whole way from the bus to the front door of the office building. The security guard was snickering with me, because I of course was laughing at the fact that I couldn't walk without slipping. =)

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  3. What a cutie! And I slip all the time in my flip flops. I've actually have a couple good falls in them when it's wet. I've learned not to wear them when it rains but still there are sprinklers and the water fountain thing at Gateway. Gets me every time.


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