Monday, May 31, 2010

Donut falls

I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but it wasn't exactly "camping with an infant" weather this weekend. Sometimes we like to pretend we're responsible parents.

Combine that with Josh working Saturday and tonight and we stayed home all weekend.

So this morning we decided we'd at least go on a hike! 

We called Ashley and Junior and dragged them up the canyon to Donut falls. Apparently it was a good idea because all of the people who didn't go to St. George went to Donut falls instead. Holy CROWDED!

Turns out there is still a lot of snow in the canyon. The trail was slippery and wet and muddy and BEAUTIFUL.

All of us in the snow on the way up. 

Maybe I forgot to put socks on maybe Dad held his feet the whole way up to keep them warm.

This is donut falls. There are two section of waterfall. 

About halfway up the picture you see the lower half of the falls. And in the top right 1/3 of the picture, you see the top half. 

Between the two you see 2 crazies who have scaled the glacier to get a better look at the waterfall. 

What you don't see is the crazy I married who scaled ALL of the glacier and took pictures for us because we were too sissy to climb. You don't see him because he's back behind the trees at the very top. 

And the crazy I married got this close up of the top half of the fall, and the reason it's called donut falls. See how the water made a donut hole in the rock? Sweet huh? 

While we were waiting for Josh to COME BACK DOWN FROM THERE! Tommy had a minor meltdown. Since we can't blame PMS we figured he needed a diaper change and headed out to where it was less populated. He screamed and screamed and screamed. We whipped out the changing pad (yes on the trail) and changed him and he screamed some more. We fed him while we walked back down and he whimpered. 

Tommy's was getting sunburned (even though I applied sunscreen TWICE) and he was a grouch, so we figured if we put a jacket over his head it would block the sun and he'd go to sleep. You a parrot.   He's in there, and there's plenty of air, and he was happy, sleeping AND quiet. Don't judge me.

We had a great time.


  1. Donut Falls was closed to the public for several years because some crazies tried to climb too high up IN THE SNOW and fell to their deaths.

    Add the sockless baby into the mix, and I might be mad at you for, like, EVER!

    (Except I'm glad you had fun.)

  2. I know I know....there's just no controlling that man! I can't help it! (also instead of falling to his death, he just jumped down the 6' drop to the snowbank.) *sigh*


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