Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just one question

How do you get your kid to sleep at church?

We always look forward to 5th Sundays because Josh and I are in the same class for all 3 hours of church, and that's a beautiful thing. Makes for a good discussion when we get home.

But today Josh was in Sacrament Meeting while Thomas and I were in the hall. Working on our "sleeping on mom's shoulder" skills.

Then Josh was in Sunday School while Thomas and I were in the hall. Working on our "whining because we're tired" skills.

Then I was in our combined Relief Society/Preisthood meeting while Josh and Tommy were in the hall. Working on their "avoiding meetings at all costs" skills.

5 minutes before we were supposed to leave Thomas finally gave up and fell asleep on Josh's shoulder. Just in time for us to put him the car seat.

Which, of course, wakes him up.

I have a feeling this was the first of many difficult Sundays.

And so I ask again, how do you get your kids to sleep at church? And if they don't, what do you do with an overtired, extra sleepy, inconsolable 8 month old?


  1. You stay in the hall all day and dream of what it was like to hear a lesson once upon a time all those months ago...
    Sundays are so hard huh!?

  2. We don't. Our 1 p.m. church schedule happens to fall right in the middle of Lola's nap time, so we take turns staying at home with her until she wakes up. Otherwise, all hell breaks loose.

  3. We used to keep Joshua up through sacrament, which made him tired, then one of us would strap him in the car seat during senday school. He would scream for about 15 minutes, then sleep for 30-40 minutes, enough to function for the rest of church, then he would take a wonderfully long afternoon nap.


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