Sunday, May 23, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that I stole my baby's breakfast? Pancakes and mango puree are just too good to pass up.

Did you know that I tried to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom just to find out that there really is only one way it goes?

Did you know that Thomas had an entire pancake, a bottle and half a mango for breakfast. Maybe he was still hungry after all that so we snacked together on cheerios.

Did you know that I ran a race with a chip on my shoe? The most stressful part of the race was because the guy told us about 10 different times "make sure the shoe with the chip touches the start mat." and I was quite sure mine wouldn't (you know...because of my extraordinarily long stride....psshhhh) I'm pretty sure I took 4 steps on the mat naturally. I didn't need to stress over that.

Did you know that since I couldn't rearrange my bedroom furniture I made Josh paint our living room? It's still drying, I'll let you know if I like it later. *It's later. I love it. LOVE IT! It was totally worth the 3 year wait.

Did you know I also got a steal of a deal on flowers for my balcony? Farewell strawberries, hello pretty!

Did you know that the average lifespan of a major league baseball is only 7 pitches? I can't think of anything that gets gone faster. Not anything. (That's a time there was a package of oreos.......I can think of that.)


  1. Dang those minute they're there and the next they're gone!

  2. what color? And plus, I think my oreos and your oreos should have a contest.

  3. lol. Yeah Kate, as if your oreos could even come CLOSE to the speed of mine. Psshhhaw! :)

    And green. It's pretty.


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