Monday, May 10, 2010

7 Months

Thomas turned 7 months old yesterday. And here's the deal:

He eats. A lot. As much as we'll give him any time day or night. Also he's been holding his own bottle for quite a while, but his latest trick is to refuse to even TOUCH the bottle so I'll stay there and feed him instead of abandoning him in favor of working, changing laundry, and butt-sitting.

He grows. A lot. I'm pretty sure this has been his most productive month growth-wise. Based on my estimates while carrying him in his carseat, I'm gonna say he weighs roughly 100 pounds by now. Also he way too long for any kind of footie jammies, they don't stay over his shoulders. But his feet are still the same size they were when he was born. For real.

He laughs. Mostly at dad, but once a day he'll have a laugh-moment with me.

He plays. With all kinds of cool toys. Like my glasses, my earrings, my hair, my lips, my face, his toes. Also sometimes he plays with actual toys.

He sleeps. A lot. 3 naps every day. 12 hours most nights. I remember thinking that would never EVER happen. It did.

He talks. And by "talks" I mean "screeches". And by "screeches" I mean "creates a sound only dogs can hear". Also he babbles. 

And this morning he rolled back to front for the first time ever. Then he scooched from one end of the blanket to the other grunted the whole way. We're dangerously close to mobile. 

Somehow with all of the photo-taking joy of the weekend, I didn't get out my camera even one time yesterday. So just review "some pictures" here because that's still what he looks like.

Remember back when he was brand new? And floppy and skinny and shriveled?

Now he's old. And stable and chunky and stretched out.

Best 7 months of all time.


  1. He is soooo gosh darn cute! (and a big flirt:)

  2. HE ROLLED!!! Go Thomas! I'm so excited for him!


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