Sunday, May 30, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that goldfinches (the Washington state bird) eat upsidedown? Here's a video to prove it.

Did you know that Thomas still has no teeth? I swear if they don't come out soon I'm going in after them.

Did you know that I'm still waiting to recover from the lack of sleep from my Washington trip? Somehow it seems like you're not really allowed to sleep in 4 days later and claim it's because you're so tired from being up (and traveling) for 20 out of 24 hours.

Did you know that I'm terribly afraid of heights? And by "heights" I mean "being higher off the ground than I can naturally jump". Josh likes to tease me because if I get more than 2 rungs up on a ladder I think I'm going to die.

Did you know that today we have no obligations? It's Memorial Day and everybody is out of town, it's 5th Sunday and there is no Relief Society which means no meetings, no preparation for Sunday (only a little....) and no meetings afterward. Hooray for me!

Did you know that I have a new nephew? He's hardly new anymore, but lookit how cute he is!

Did you know that Hotprints lets you have one free photo book every month? Awesome.

Did you know that we painted a week ago and still haven't hung stuff on our walls? *sigh* we'll get there.


  1. That is the most ADORABLE baby!!! ;)

  2. Josie didn't get any teeth until she was 10 months old. Everyone told me that was great for her dental health (less exposure to food=fewer cavities), but honestly it made it hard to feed her solid foods. I think it contributed to her finicky eating habits. Hopefully Thomas's teeth will hurry up and come in!


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