Sunday, March 7, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that the training for a 5k might be the death of me? Or maybe it will save my sanity. I haven't decided which yet.

Did you know that it's impossible to feed an infant rice cereal without chewing on the air in your mouth?

Did you know that at least 2 years after reading a post about Nancy's launch pad, I finally got my own? Lookit how pretty! (I love it. You don't have to because I do.)

Did you know that a dime has 118 ridges and a quarter only has 1 more (119)? I didn't count, did you?

Did you know that I found 11 cents in my washing machine this week? That's how I know Spring is right around the corner (not here....just near....) Josh has started picking up coins off the sidewalk again.

Did you know that I have freckles? Me neither. I think they're new.

Did you know that in 85 days we get to celebrate the beginning of camping season?


  1. Nice landing pad. :) I can't wait until we have ours back.

    One day I want to run a marathon...but I haven't been running in quite some time so training for a 5k would probably kill me at this point, too.

  2. And as always I feel smarter after reading your blog!

  3. Whatever've always had freckles!!

  4. Whatever've always had freckles!!

  5. What is a launching pad?

  6. What 5K are you planning on running?

  7. OK I renamed it apparently too. :) Landing pad, not launch pad. Either way, it's where you put all the crap you drop as soon as you walk in the door and all the crap you have to pick up just before you walk OUT the door. (for us, it's keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc.)

    I'm doing Walk MS on the 24th at Gateway. I'm surprisingly excited for it.


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