Monday, March 22, 2010


Ashlie tagged me and I'm excited cuz this one is fun.

The rules are that you have to take pictures of the following things as-is- no cleaning up.

your favorite room: Thomas's Room. 
To be honest I'm a little scared of posting this....too many people are interior decorators and I'm not....
that being said, here is "The Nursery" in all its glory.

It's my favorite room because it's a quiet peaceful calm place. And that makes me happy.

my bathroom:
No, I haven't put "get ready" things away yet today....or yesterday.....and probably not tomorrow either.

laundry room:
The top shelf is food storage. That's because my husband rocks and built us shelves.

favorite pair of shoes:
You'd better believe it folks. It's FLIP FLOP TIME!!!!
You have seen like 10 million pictures of me sitting at my desk (which is where I spend 9 hours of my day....) and not nearly enough pictures of me by my favorite painting of all time. So, here you go.

I hate stuff on the fridge. Josh thinks God made refrigerators magnetic for a reason.
As a compromise I allow "current issues" on the front of the fridge and "lists" on the side. My running schedule and our Home and Visiting Teaching assignments are on front. Grocery lists and monthly menu plan on the side. Nothing else is allowed.

And the inside. I need to get some groceries.

my closet:
The clothes:
Before you get all "you're clothes aren't organized by color or sleeve length" on me, it's because I hang them as I wear them. This means I pull clothes from one side and put them back on the other side and I don't have to decide what to wear every day. I like it that way, so back off. :)

The stuff:
The best part of our closet is the room to store stuff way up high.

kitchen sink:
I had just done the's not always empty. Also that's a brand new dish rag, just got it out this morning and it already stinks. What's the deal with that? Anybody know how to make my dish rags not stink?

what your kids are doing now
Sweet huh?

I tag Aundrea, Stick, Katy Mae, Rachel, Nancy, Eva, Tahnee, Kim and everybody else who is reading this. 


  1. You take awesome self-portraits Amy. Fun Tag! I'm gonna do it too...

  2. Amy,

    You amaze me. Your self-portrait rocks. Thomas wins, though.

    And just because I cannot live up to such a high standard (and also because I look like a pig next to you and probably just about everyone else), I am not going to accept this tag.

    Don't be offended. I'm choosing this because I love you so much and I have too much self-respect.

  3. love the nuresry, and the baby that lives in it too! (btw we have that little bear too.)
    also like your idea of wearing whats in your closet in order! what had i never thought of that before?! amazing.
    thanks for playing along and doing the tag!

  4. Emily, Tag you're it too! I'm glad you're doing it, but no fair have to do it without cleaning first.

    Aundrea, No offense intended, none taken. But I really would love to see your closet.....just sayin'. :)

    Ashlie, I promise someday I'll learn to spell your name properly, in the meantime, please forgive me. *sigh*

  5. I'm so impressed with your cleverness. I've never thought of putting my clothes away "in order". Very smart!

    As for the dish cloth... maybe laying it flat so it can dry will help... I'm just sayin'.... Ü

  6. Amy--wanna see my closet? You'll have to come over! (I feel confident in your love for me, in spite of all of my weaknesses. I can't say that for all of blog-dom.)

    When are you coming? (*Say this with a whine*)

  7. Okay, you're the obsessive compulsive one. Holy clean and organized house Batman!

  8. I wash my dish cloths with dish soap when I'm done using them. (Reminds me of Argentina...when I washed EVERYTHING by hand.)

    Cute post!


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