Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Last night we visited a family in the ward and the boy (who might've been the cutest thing I've ever seen) was VERY excited to show us the leprechaun trap they set. Did you know that chocolate cheerios work as leprechaun bait? Very cool.

This morning I read about my sister's Irish dinner party. Also cool.

And then I remembered that this is my version of festive for the big holiday.

Amy going "woo hoo" and spinning the finger festively.
Do you think when Thomas is older I'll stop being so lame? Or at least change my Welcome sign from snowflakes & mittens to kits and shamrocks before St. Patrick's Day?


  1. You are more festive about this "holiday" than I am. I know this because I didn't even PRETEND to say "Woo hoo." I did remember to wear a green blouse, though, which is a step up from last year.

  2. Yes oh yes. Holidays with little kids are the best part!

  3. You've got plenty of time!! BTW, I LOVE that picture of you!

  4. Hey at least your wearing green!!!

  5. I agree, that is a great picture. This must be your zoolander pose Amy, "Woo Hoo"!


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