Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do you think we'd be friends?

Sometimes I forget that some people know my only by my profile picture. And for whatever reason they think I look like (or sound like) a person they'd like to be friends with - or at least blog stalk.

And then I wonder, those of you who I know in real life, based only on this photo (the current profile pic) would we be friends?

Or do you look at this picture and think "What kind of idiot wears a bandana and puts photo evidence on their blog." Or maybe you think "Why are they sitting in the dirt". Maybe you want to know why "my" profile is a picture of "us". Or maybe you're my brother and you think "I remember when we went camping that time. They cheated at the game we were playing."

When I look at this picture it's totally me. Yes we're sitting in the dirt (by a river), we had played cards, we were camping with my little brother. AND you can see my wedding ring (which I'm having a renewed-love-affair with this week). It's all the things I love most in one picture.

What does your profile picture look like and why do you think it represents you?


  1. I would totally be your friend.

    We should play games or go camping or something when I get back in your neck of the woods so that I can meet you in person to find out if my first sentence is really true.

  2. I like you, you crack me up.

  3. Now that you've OFFICIALLY asked me I fell safe in telling you how glad I am that we're not "off the internet friends" because, well, look at you...LOL! J/K you make me smile Amy!

  4. My profile pic is me, with my current color of hair. It tends to change frequently, because of the hair.

  5. I'm your friend! :) And I love your blog...Have I told you that before? ;)


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