Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear snow,

Listen, it's still March and I realize it's still your turn to do your thing.....

I also realize that you're beautiful, falling in your gigantic flakes. Covering the rooftops of the neighborhood is still charming every time you do it. Scraping the windows....not so charming.

And you had to come again because people started thinking it was really spring (really people?.....) and you have to defend your territory and all.

But you brought this nasty cold with you, and for that I'm bitter.

And angry.

And boogery.

And unable to breathe.

So in order to show you who's boss, I'm not going on a walk today and I'm blaming you. I'm not getting dressed and I'm blaming you.  I'm not leaving my house and the world will know it's all your fault.


PS Thanks for deciding what's for dinner tonight - homemade chicken noodle never sounded so good.....


  1. I knew I could always count on you to remind me to blame my cold on the weather! Thanks for the clever reminder.

  2. You're so nice to the snow...I'm not quite as forgiving.

  3. P.S. Snow, it is officially spring. Check the calendar--it really is. So, let's make a deal. I will stop whining about you, and you will not come back for five to seven MONTHS!


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