Saturday, March 27, 2010

drowning my sorrows

I was supposed to go running last night. (As a side note, you should know I don't really "run". I am not a "runner". and I probably never will be, but I do put  on a sports bra and tennis shoes 3 times a week and waddle around the trail at an embarrassingly slow pace. Then (because of the sports bra) I call it running so I won't be so embarrassed.)

I was feeling exceedingly stressed and grouchy and not in the mood to waddle my oversized tooshie around the trail.

So, instead I tricked Josh into taking me to Walmart. "Just need to grab some veggies and a cool toy" we said. "It'll only take 5 minutes." we promised. "$10 and we're outta there." we vowed.

1 hour, an impromptu home teaching appointment,  25 trips up and down the game aisle later we stood in line for the checkout with a cart more than $10 full.

Why do they build 25 different lanes at Walmart? If every checker employed by Walmart in the entire state worked at the same time, only 2 lanes would be open anyway. And one of them would be blinking. And it would be because our gift card wouldn't scan. And the manager who always has to come use their key for us would be unavailable. And it would be because I just knocked over the end display of enormous Chocolate Easter Bunnies and they're trying to decide what to do with 89 larger-than-life chocolate rabbits. I can't help it, I can't see over the carseat!

Anyway, there we are checking out:
Twisty lids for our 5-gallon buckets? Check.
Powdered eggs? Check. (Did you know that powdered eggs are freakin' expensive? And disgusting? Why did we do that? Stupid impulse buy.....why is Walmart selling emergency supplies anyway? Who do they think they are?)
Easter candy? Check. What's the deal with them not having my Cadbury minieggs?
Toy for the nephew? Check.
New Game for us? Check. Oh wait. Our game closet is full, we have spent a small fortune on games and we don't have time to play any of them.....meh. Too bad.
Vegetables? What? The reason we came here in the first place? Dang. Run over to produce and grab some.

Yep. Definitely more than $10.

We stopped at Wendy's on the way home and I drowned my sorrows in a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and the Reece's candybar that was calling my name in the checkout aisle.

In summary, instead of running last night, I spent more money than I have, ate more calories than I need (twice) and increased my sorrows instead of drowning them.

Oh yeah, and as a special treat we also kept Thomas up an hour past his bedtime with our "real quick 5 minute trip" which of course makes for a very happy baby.

Stupid sorrows - should've waddled them around the trail instead.


  1. Well I think your trip was worth it because I have twist tops on my flour and sugar buckets and they are the BEST thing ever!

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  3. Live and Learn :-)
    And that is soooooo true about Walmart checkouts!

    Ask Garcia:

  4. Ooooh, fancy new blog- it's cute!

    And I am thoroughly annoyed that not only does Walmart not carry mini Cadburry eggs, they don't carry ANY Cadburry eggs. At least not that I could find. LAME!

  5. Bummer about the sorrows. On the powdered eggs note, we went to a food storage party today (really) and tasted a lot of freeze dried food that was quite tasty. They said the eggs were even good enough to scramble and eat as eggs, not just use for baking. I wasn't brave enough to try them though . . .


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