Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things That Must Stay

More than a week ago I started a list of "things that must go" but I've only been able to come up with 3 things. (1) Cursive (the handwritten kind...not the cute "script-y" kind.) (2) Faxes and (3) Daylight Savings Time (which I'm now appreciating at 7:30 when it's still light outside.....)

So, instead I'm making a list of Things That Must Stay.
  • Josh. Because yesterday when I said the words "I really don't wanna yell at you, but I think I'm going to if you don't just give me 5 minutes to hide in the closet by myself." he closed the door to the closet, and the door to the bathroom (where the closet is), and the door to the bedroom, and came out to the living room to make Thomas laugh hysterically before bed.
  • Thomas. Because he laughs hysterically before bed.
  • My super awesome totally cool raddest ever Menu book. (Copied from Jamie's design.)
  • Nap time. What if Thomas decides he's too old for naps? I'm almost as scared of that as I am of the chicken pox. 
  • My renewed obsession with reading. I just finished The Help I'm currently reading These Is My Words and I have about 10 others lined up right after it. I LOVE it.
  • Sleeping 12 hours/night. 
  • Garden food. Technically this is probably a "thing that must come" because it's not here yet....but I have high hopes for a better bucket garden than last year.

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  1. Ok I looked up that Menu book link and I'm totally going to do it! I've tried so hard to figure out a system to make dinner time better and it usually lasts about two weeks and then it's back to mac and cheese cause I'm out of ideas. Wahoo!! Thanks.


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