Monday, March 22, 2010


Goals. I have some pretty lofty ones. This week they are:
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Drink more than "enough" water.
  • Buy baby sunscreen. (Have you seen the forecast for the week?)
  • Finish reading The Help then stop crying about black people who live in Mississippi who I've never met.
  • Work.
One of Josh's favorite songs is "Dream Big". Do you ever wonder why he married me? Sometimes I do.  But then I see a photo like this

And I remember he's a lucky lucky man.


  1. So true. How could ANYone reject a face like that?

  2. I loved "The Help" and I believe I shed a tear or two also. Good reading.

  3. You are a capable, confident woman. I know why he loves you.

  4. We just bought baby sunscreen this week too! I'm so excited for spring!

  5. Hey Amy. I totally get the drink-more-water goal! I struggle each day. But, I have one of those awesome purple bottles with the Camelback tops, (make sense) that measure 1 liter. If I drink one full bottle, then I allow myself to do a Crystal Light mix-in, which is another 1/2 liter. That's already a ton. Then a glass with dinner...

    Oh, and I totally reward myself with a small glass of diet DP during nap time if I have a ton of water drunk (?) by then!! "Cause sometimes I get sick of all that water-taste...

  6. You are so funny! I love the picture.


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