Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lessons in Motherhood: Airplane is a Daddy game

Thomas is 5 months and 16 days old.

For 5 months and 15 days I've been telling Josh to "stop bouncing him above your face...he's gonna puke right on it."

For 5 months and 15 days I've watched Dad dodge the slobber drips on a daily basis.

For 5 months and 15 days I've seen Dad bounce, toss, and spin my baby no matter how recently he ate.

For 5 months and 15 days I've watched dad lay on his back with his mouth wide open playing "airplane" with Thomas.

Today after listening to him scream for all but 20 minutes I laid on my back and played airplane with Tommy as a last resort. This ALWAYS works for Dad.

Thomas cracked into a big fat smile and started to laugh and I started the party in my head. "I'm as cool as dad-dy. I'm as cool as dad-dy." I sang to myself.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere I heard the "splash" of baby puke on my face. I immediately sat up and tried to hand Thomas to Josh who was doubled over laughing on the sofa. Thanks babe. I opened my mouth to say "help me" and tasted what is probably the most disgusting thing to ever enter my mouth. (I say "probably" because I remember certain experience with dumplings that makes my stomach church just to remember.) With vomit running from my eyes down to my mouth and quickly making it's way down my shirt, I thrust Thomas at his father.

Apparently this was the perfect opportunity for our first experience with real live throw up. Not just "spit up". I know because I tasted it.

There is no justice in this world.


  1. ALWAYS a Daddy game. And yes, baby vomit is just about the most disgusting thing known to man... the smell or (I'm only guessing) the taste.
    I think you deserve ice-cream.
    Lots of it.

  2. ....and now you are offically a mom...congrats! I needed something to make me smile! xoxo

  3. Thomas just wanted to share! See, what a good mother you are? He already has impeccable manners. :)

  4. Ew ew ew I can totally 100% percent sympathize with you and even one up you. One little cousin (probably 6 or 7 yrs) threw up on me...and into me...and it was poppy seeds. I'll spare you the details but just know that I feel really really sorry for you. Also my dad does. Apparently Wendy threw up in his mouth more times than he can count.

  5. Haha, I am laughing so hard. That is the funniest thing I have heard all day.


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