Sunday, March 28, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that it is possible to throw together a veggie tray in exactly 11 minutes? That's including dip making time. And assuming you have your husband helping.

Did you know that Easter is next week? NEXT week. I'm determined to celebrate it better than I did St. Patrick's Day. Also I'm determined to put up my March danglers before then.... *sigh* why do I even try?

Did you know that Thomas sits up in the bathtub? As I groaned while lifting him out the other day I wanted to cry over how big he is. I'm not sure how it's possible that one person change so much in so little time.

Did you know that Dallin got baptized yesterday? He's my nephew and it was really cool to be there and remember when I was baptized. I was worried about getting out of my wet clothes and into my dry ones fast enough because I didn't want the person being baptized after me to be waiting for me to get out of the dressing room. Even as an 8 year old I had the urge to "get out of the way!"

Did you know that if you stretch out a slinky to lay down flat it is 87 feet long? How bad do you wanna try that now?

Did you know that I wake up early on Sunday mornings just so I can turn on Sunday music because it's my favorite? I literally get out of bed JUST so I can turn on the good tunes. Today we're featuring a great mix of 6 years of EFY CDs.

Did you know that today is our "home Sunday" which is my favorite Sunday of the month. I think we'll go on a walk, maybe hit Temple Square, take a nap, play games, and enjoy our little family all by ourselves. Or maybe Josh will get bored with me and invite people over. Either way it'll be a great day.

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  1. LIke the new background. Easier to read.


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