Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm not sure why I feel compelled to tell you all of the horrible things I do as a mother and as a human being....but for some reason confessing makes me feel better. And this has been eating at my conscience for almost a month now.

The worst thing I've done as a mother (according to Josh) is this:

While we were in Arizona we figured out that wearing the babe in the wrap was easier than pushing a stroller around the crowded room. So around the hotel I did.

One day at the free hotel breakfast some lady came up to me and asked "how old she was". I said "a month" instead of correcting her and went back to stalking the waffle machine. Josh was just close enough to overhear and when I sat down at the table he asked me if I really just told that lady that our baby was a girl. Obviously I didn't tell the lady that Thomas was a girl, I just didn't tell her he was a boy either. Obviously.

It's just that it was a common misconception what with the pink wrap and all....and I was sick of correcting people and then trying to explain why on earth I'd put a boy in a pink wrap. Here's why: I'm a girl. I don't dress him in pink, or dresses, or frills. And I don't even wrap him in pink blankets - but Josh's grandma gave me a pink wrap, and it happens to be the only way I can get the child to sleep and I'm sure that Grandma figured that since I'm the one wearing it, it should match my gender - like a purse. And I talked myself into agreeing with her because I wanted to use it. Plus Grandma is trendier than I'll ever be. She drives a Mazda 6, has fake nails, and bought things at Swiss Days.

Unfortunately almost everybody we come across while wearing the wrap thinks he's a girl.

And Josh thinks I insulted Thomas' manhood by not standing up for him. I didn't! Thomas is the manliest baby I know - he grunts and poops and kicks things. What more could I want?

I corrected the next 3 people who called him a boy, and everybody who asked a gender neutral question got a very clear "HE" answer. So I made it up to him, right?

And more importantly, can I keep wearing the wrap? Was Grandma totally wrong? Was I stupid for not immediately taking it back and insisting on a blue one? Do they even make blue ones? Is the baby wearing it, or am I?


  1. My nursing cover is pink, also a gift, and I totally got the same kind of crap. Keep using it :) You are a GIRL! And he'll be just fine. The other day we were out to dinner and Isaac had a shirt on with a football helmet on the front and someone commented on how "pretty" our little "girl" was. Really?! When I corrected her she said, "Oh, he's just a pretty boy then" -- if that doesn't insult your baby's manhood I don't know what would.

  2. LOL! You crack me up. I say who cares. If you like it and don't want to keep correcting people just do what you did. I think people should use phrases like "Aww, how old is your little one?" or "Your baby is so cute!" Why would you refer to a baby as a he or she if you don't really know? I don't get it. lol

  3. LOL!!! I love the PINK wrap and that you didn't let some random persons innocent girl mistake even slow you down. You rock, Amy!

  4. Keep the wrap of course! People will confuse your baby's gender no matter what he's wearing. We had Lucy all in pink in her car seat and an older lady in our ward kept complimenting us on our cute little boy. My friend was there and kept saying "SHE is just so cute." But the lady never caught on. And I still like her and Lucy was understanding. I usually don't feel the need to correct strangers if they get the gender wrong.

  5. Wear the pink! I think it should match you...not the babe. :) And I'm pretty sure Thomas won't remember the times he was carried around in a pink sling.

  6. Ditto - wear pink. It'll make him confident in his manliness.

  7. Gabe's favorite colors are Red and pink, you know 'cause it's the closest thing to red. He's about as manly as they come, even rips his shirt off to wrestle with his brother. Don't sweat it!


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