Friday, December 11, 2009

A new leaf

We've turned a new leaf. And I'm hoping it's permanently turned. Like the kind of leaf you find in the middle of a fall day, and you pick it up because it's so beautiful and perfect and you know it would crunch perfectly if you stepped on it, but it's too pretty, so instead of stepping on it, you pick it up to look at it, but underneath it's all wet and moldy and nasty and not beautiful at all, so you put it back down turned with it's beautiful side up so nobody knows how ugly it is, and you leave it there never to be turned with the ugly side up again. (I think Ann Cannon has a run-on-sentance/worst metaphor of all time contest you think I could win?) That kind of permanently turned.

My babe slept last night. From 10 - 4. Did you know that's also when normal people sleep? He and I slept at the same time. Beautiful.

There are no words for how thankful I am.

Also there are no words to express the panic I felt every time I woke up in between. Yes, he was still in his car seat (where he sleeps because he hates that stupid crib which I think is beautiful). No, nobody came and kidnapped him while I wasn't looking. Yes, he was breathing. No, he wasn't mad at me for abandoning him for so long.

Today he's been really nice to me and followed the 3 hour babywise schedule, which was awfully nice of him. That means he's on nap #3 for the day with is exactly 2 more than he's had in any other day of his life.

My goal is to keep the wet, moldy, ugly side of the sleep-leaf down for the rest of his life. Wish me luck.


  1. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! There is NOTHING so beautiful as a newborn sleeping so you can too!!
    Good luck with the permanent thing... when Josh was a baby, my mom said to remember that it will always change. Which means, when it is HORRIBLE and the baby isn't sleeping one bit, you know that it can't last forever. And when it is BEAUTIFUL and the baby is sleeping you are so grateful and just enjoy every single second of it while it last. Having said that, you probably are through the worst of it. They do tend to get up, but even my now 7 year old still has his nights, thankfully not very often.
    How was that for too long of a comment! CONGRATS on SLEEP! Go Thomas Go!!!!

  2. And NOT in your arms. Woot!

    Go, Tommy! You're so smart!

    Go, Mommy! You so great!

  3. It's amazing what six hours of uninterrupted sleep will do for a mommy! You actually start to feel human again!

  4. Way to go Thomas!!! Keep it up. :)

  5. Isn't it funny how when baby actually does sleep, mommy still wakes up every couple of hours to make sure the kiddo is still alive? It's still nice not to have to stay up when you wake up!


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