Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Christmas at our house has generally been...less than Merry and relatively full of anxiety, stress, and whining from me. (Hard to imagine since I always have such a good attitude about things huh?)

Then a couple of nights ago in the middle of a particularly whiny and stressed out tirade from me, Josh told me that this wasn't fun anymore.

I (quite sarcastically and in the "I'm laying a trap for you and no matter what you say I'll be more mad than I already am" voice) asked Josh if he wanted his money back and trade me for a "fun" wife.

Without missing a beat he told me he didn't want his money back, he just wanted his wife back.

Normally I would've been hurt, offended, grouchy, and reminded him that it's all his fault anyway - but somehow a miracle happened (must be due to Christmas) and I realized that I wanted his wife back too.

So, I took a gigantic deep breath, boosted my oversized butt onto the counter and cut into a warm fresh loaf of bread. I did it without even counting to see if we had enough loaves or examining to make sure we were eating the "ugliest" one. (Sorry if you are the poor person who wound up with the ugliest one....that wasn't very considerate of me.)

And just like that, over a warm loaf of bread (yes the whole dang thing) and a much needed attitude change, Josh and I enjoyed Christmas for the first time this year while sitting on the counter, laughing and fighting over the last piece of bread (which we split).

And when I woke up with Thomas the next morning I fed him on the love sac in front of the tree, and we snuggled and ate and basked in the beauty of the lights and enjoyed each other's company. Turns out I was right, my tree is 10 times prettier when I see it as a reflection in my baby's eyes.

I love these parts of Christmas.

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  1. We ate that bread together too! Every last crumb. Only we weren't arguing when we did it. We were playing Wii bowling. I won. Woot woot.


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